Prof. Dr. Christoph Josten

Member of the Board

Prof. Dr. Christoph Josten


Current position

Director of Orthopaedics, Trauma and Plastic Surgery, Spine Center, Leipzig University Medicine

Course of studies

1973 – 1979 Medicine, Saarland University

1976 – 1979 Psychology, Saarland University

Further education

1981 Medical doctorate

1990 Habilitation and private lectureship in surgery

1997 C4 professorship in traumatology, Leipzig University

Occupational history

1987 – 1997 Senior physician, BG Hospitals »Bergmannsheil« Bochum, Ruhr University

1994 Management, Surgical Clinic, BG Hospitals »Bergmannstrost« Halle (3 months)

2001 – 2008 Managing director, Surgical Center of Leipzig University Medicine

2014 Managing director, Clinic of Orthopaedics, Trauma and Plastic Surgery

2015 Medical head of the Surgical Department, Leipzig University Medicine

Clinical interests


spine surgery

intensive care

hand surgery

physical medicine

Scientific interests

Pelvis surgery, clinical studies

Functions in scientific associations

Board member and member of the executive committee of DGU and DGOU

Board member of DWG

Head of Unit »International Affairs« of DGOU