Partners & Sponsors

Through an open partnership with the industry, the AFOR foundation offers several benefits to specialists and sponsors:

  • direct exchange with influential people from the orthopaedic community
  • occupational support of physicians through active participation at scientific events, travel grants, research sponsorship and honouring outstanding work by granting research awards
  • recognised, high-quality scientific events and courses at which research findings and innovations are presented and observed critically
  • renowned speakers with different backgrounds face up to the scientific challenge at AFOR symposia
  • practical relevance through workshops, which are being offered by sponsors and are run by qualified speakers of the AFOR foundation
  • AFOR covers orthopaedics and traumatology holistically: participants receive knowledge on newest technical advancements and treatment options in the conservative therapy, pharmacology, surgery and rehabilitation
  • direct scientific exchange between sponsors and the foundation board, the scientific advisory board and participating chief and senior physicians


The cooperation with the AFOR foundation is fitted to every sponsor’s requirements and can be tailored accordingly.

  1. Active or passive participation at existing AFOR courses and seminars.
  2. Organisation of symposia with selected focus topics in cooperation with the AFOR.
  3. Participation at research supporting programmes.
  4. Participation at AFOR training programme (travel grants for younger physicians).
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